How to make free phone calls on the internet

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How to make free phone calls on the internet, With the advent VOIP ( voice over internet protocol ), the days of high phone bills, particularly for long distance calls are all but over. Skype, the UK based company recently snapped up by the online auction giant, Ebay, has deveoped the technology (voice over internet protocol) to make smooth and clear and transparent phone calls over the internet.

Although internet telephony has been available for some time, the new technology represents something different. Up until now, the calls made over the internet has been beset with problems such as poor reception and also fears over security i.e. the threat of calls being intercepted.

Security of voice over internet protocol Currently, the companies involved are putting the final touches to what could provide a sweeping change to the whole telecommunications industry, with calls made at extremely low cost and with full security utilising powerful encryption.

Using a technology called voice over internet protocol , you can successfully place free calls over the internet by using your broadband internet connection. Voice over internet protocol technology allows you to save money because you can often use your computer for free to place calls. This is especially helpful if you place a lot of oversees phone calls.

You can also use voice over internet protocol technology as your main home phone number. If this is the case, you will more than likely need a service provider. In order to place free calls on the internet, you won’t be using a service provider. Here are the basics to getting started with internet telephony. Get a broadband internet connection You can choose between DSL and digital cable. There are pros and cons to each method. Remember that your internet phone capabilities will not work without a broadband connection. The higher the data throughput the better quality sound you will receive.

In order to use voice over internet protocol technology to allow you to place phone calls, you will need software that will enable you to do this. For example, Earthlink has a free software option in addition to their regular service. The only drawback is that you will need to make sure that everyone you wish to call also has the same software installed. However, with an ever increasing penetration of broadband in households throught the developed world, the barrier to increasing number of people making calls via their PC or voice over internet protocol would be the hesitation among adoption to new technology, and not the availability cheap of technology.

Use the appropriate tools

Once you install the software, you will need to use the appropriate tools. You can either use a microphone and speakers or a special internet phone . Some people find that talking to a microphone and listening through speakers or headphones to be a little awkward. If that is the case, you can find an internet phone device that can be used for this purpose.

Place your call Every software program differs. Make sure you learn how to use the software and whether or not the person you call also needs to install the software. You may also need to experiment with multiple programs to find the one that delivers the best results.

Voice over internet protocol technology is constantly changing and getting better. Check the internet constantly for the latest software and internet phone device upgrades.

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