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How to remove a tattoo

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How to remove a tattoo, More and more people all around the world prefer to have tattoos. The only problem about tattoos is that, the good ones are pretty hard to remove. Yet, there are some reliable techniques of tattoo removal. To find out how you can get rid of your old tattoo, keep on reading this article.

Laser tattoo removal

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How To Removal a Tattoo

The first and the most efficient technique is the laser treatment. The laser tattoo removal process requires several visits to a specialized clinic. The treatment, professional called hypo pigmentation basically means that that your skin will be lighten in the affected are with the help of the laser. Hypo pigmentation, which is the most expensive way to remove a tattoo, is believed to be the most efficient and the easiest tattoo removal technique.

Yet, if you think about removing your tattoo this way, there are some risks. First, because you will have some substances released into your body, the treatment can lead to several allergic reactions. More, there were reported some cases, when the laser treatment made some tattoo pigments to look different from the others.

Price of laser tattoo removal

The laser treatment tattoo removal prices vary according to the clinic you go to. But, in most of the cases one session can cost $200-$800. In some cases, when the tattoo is larger and more difficult to remove you could need up to ten sessions of laser treatment, and this could cost a few thousands dollars.

Tattoo removal cream

How to removal a tattoo

If you are in search of a more natural tattoo removal technique, you can always try a tattoo removal cream. The latest researches show that there are some creams that have significant fading of the tattoos, without any damage or pain.

The disadvantage of a tattoo removal cream is that you must use it for several months if you want to have good results. In this case, the tattoo removal prices are about $120 -$150 for a three months cream treatment. But, because it is the only effective natural way of tattoo removal, this is not an exaggerated price.

Some other tattoo removal ways include: Sal abrasion a salt solution will be used in order to remove the affected pigments.

This is not quite a popular method

Dermabrasion – generally means that the tattooed layers of the skin are abraded with a diamond fraise or wire brush. Unfortunately, this process will leave some marks on the skin.

Scarification – is another method that will leave some marks on the tattooed part of the skin. This happens because an acid solution will be used to remove the tattoo’s pigments.

Surgical remove and camouflage can also be used to remove the tattoos. In case of larger tattoos, these methods are not quite efficient.

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