How to remove stretch marks by laser

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How to remove stretch marks by laser, We can characterize stretch marks as purplish streaks or scars that can appear on the abdomen, buttocks, hips, breast or arms. Heredity, skin type or weight can all lead to the appearance of stretched marks.

The problem that comes now is what we can do to get rid of them. Well, there are several ways, the most common being the stretch marks creams and laser surgery.

Laser stretch removal most effective Laser surgery for stretch marks removal is believed to be the most effective method, and yet, this is not 100% efficient. In fact, none of the stretch marks removal techniques is totally efficient. The lasers are able to break down and vaporize the affected tissue, but it can not repair it.

How to remove stretch marks by laser
How to remove stretch marks by laser

The laser is more efficient in the case or darker colors, so when the stretched marks are red and brown, the laser surgery can have better results. In case the stretched marks are fader, they are harder to detect and to repair. But laser surgery for stretched marks can have really positive results if it is combined with other treatments.

Increased collagen production

Despite these facts, some specialists claim that the laser can indeed release energy in the affected layers of the skin and therefore regenerate the collagen production.

Moreover, a new technology of laser surgery for stretch marks removal has been developed. It is about a pulsed dye laser that can remove even the faded stretched marks from your skin.

Most of the times, the treatment requires no anesthesia, some patients even claimed that they only felt slight tingling when the laser pulsed on their skin.

The results are progressive and vary from patient to patient. In fact 80% of those that chose laser surgery for their stretched marks reported impressive results. To improve the results, you can also use a stretched marks cream before and after the laser treatment.

Price of laser stretch removal One more aspect that you need to know is that, this technique can sometimes be quite expensive. But, if you really want good results, you must go to a specialized clinic.

Depending on how many sessions of laser treatment you need you will pay up to $3,000. In the fortunate case, when the treatment has great results from its beginning, the laser surgery for stretch marks removal could cost a lot less.

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