How to repair fencing

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How to repair fencing, The majority of fencing we see today is either wood or chain link fencing; therefore, this article is pertaining to these types of fencing.

Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is more durable than wood fencing, however, there are times that an area of the fence is broken or damaged and will need repaired.

Items you will need to repair to a chain link fence include a rope, pliers, chain link fence portion the size that is needed to be replaced. Now, find the area that needs replaced. Using a rope stretch across the broken chain link and pull tight. Undo the twist with the pliers of the broken chain and remove. Add the new chain and tighten the twists with the pliers. Remove the rope slowly to ensure you have the chain link tight enough and in the proper place.

In order to repair wood fencing you will need drill, garden trowel, screwdrivers, shovel, hammer, handsaw, sledgehammer, concrete, wrenches, eye screws, wheelbarrow, and a turnbuckle. You may not need each one of these items but these are the most common used to repair the various parts that might need repaired.

How to repair fencing
How to repair fencing

Wooden Posts

In many cases, the wooden posts after the weather has done its damage the posts can become rotten. In order to check the posts you will need to remove the dirt with a garden trowel. Then check the posts with a screwdriver. If the wood is soft, then it will need replaced, if the posts is still hard it does not need replaced at this time.

To replace the post brace the post to hold it in place using a hammer, disconnect the siding and rails from the post. Remove whatever is holding the post in place normally concrete fill in the hole with gravel or concrete place the new posts into the concrete use a level to ensure you have the post level fill in more concrete if needed hold the post until the concrete is dry attach the siding and rails

Leaning Post

  • In some cases, the posts or gate will only be leaning or sagging. If this is the problem, you can easily repair by the fence by using this method.
  • Place an eye screw on the leaning post or even the frame of the gate at the highest portion. place another eye screw on the other side diagonally from the one you added
  • add a turnbuckle in between the two eye screws
  • Tight the turnbuckle until the post or gate frame is no longer leaning.
  • Sagging Gate or Fence If the fence or gate is sagging, you can fix it with this method.
  • Find the best corners to install a metal support, measure and ensure you know what size you need.
  • Purchase a galvanized metal support bracket brace the gate or fence
  • Install the galvanized metal support bracket with your choice of nails or screws.

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